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PGD – Round Center Diamond

PGD – Round Center Diamond

Pure Grown Diamonds
For our center Diamonds we use sustainable sources such as Pure Grown Diamonds. A typical 1ct Diamond may need 200 tons of Earth to be sifted through to be found, but PGD Diamonds are man-made Diamonds. They're not "imitation" or "Cubic Zirconia", they're solid crystallized carbon exactly like Diamonds mined from the ground but instead were made using High Pressure, High Temperature, and Chemical Vapor Deposition to grow the Diamond atom-by-atom. This allows us to offer real Diamonds that go through the same grading standards as typically mined Diamonds for less than what we could otherwise.

Another obvious benefit is the grown Diamonds make less of an impact on the environment to make when compared to mining and are also sustainable. They also allow us to absolutely guarantee that these Diamonds are Conflict-Free.

For our Products
We sell these Diamonds set into our rings. Currently any of the Fleur De Lis rings qualify for these Diamonds. We cannot sell Diamonds not set into finished jewelry.

Every center Diamond we sell comes with a certificate guaranteeing the four C's: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight. Certificate is provided by IGI or GCAL. Your Diamond's certificate number is also laser engraved onto the side of the stone (magnification is needed to see it).

How to Choose

| D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | etc...

Diamonds have a grading scale using letters where D is colorless (and the most rare) and Z is a light yellow color. We offer gems between F to H which are very nice and clear. Another grading system used for Diamonds is for the number of inclusions or imperfections. Almost every Diamond has an inclusion, but the inclusions can range between very notable (I3), to Flawless (FL). The Diamonds we offer have "Very Small" inclusions that are difficult to see without a x10 eyeloop.

| FL | IF | VVS1 | VVS2 | VS1 | VS2 | SI1 | SI2 | I1 | I2 | I3 |

This scale shows the different grades created by GIA, a nonprofit company. "Included" Diamonds on the right end of the scale have obvious imperfections to the average person's naked eye and the "Flawless" on the left have no inclusions found by a professional grader even under x10 magnification. About half of the world's available Diamonds range between SI2 to I3. VVS1 or VVS2 are extremely rare. We bolded the clarity we sell to show you we use the best available Diamonds for the price.


  1. 1.00ct F Color VS1 or VVS2: $7,299
  2. 1.00ct G Color VS1: $6,499
  3. 1.00ct G Color VS2: $6,395
  4. 1.00ct H Color VS1: $5,795
  5. 1.00ct H Color VS2: $5,625
  6. 0.75ct F Color VS1 or VVS2: $3,095
  7. 0.75ct G Color VS1: $2,819
  8. 0.75ct G Color VS2: $2,795
  9. 0.75ct H Color VS1: $2,795
  10. 0.75ct H Color VS2: $2,595
  11. 0.50ct F Color VS1 or VVS2: $1,795
  12. 0.50ct G Color VS1: $1,795
  13. 0.50ct G Color VS2: $1,549
  14. 0.50ct H Color VS1: $1,669
  15. 0.50ct H Color VS2: $1,495

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from $1,495.00
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