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Jupiter Pendant

Jupiter Pendant

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According to folklore, Jupiter is where boys go to get more stupider. Endless research fails to produce the name of these brave boys that set foot on Jupiter's gassy surface. It is to be believed they perished in their endless quest for stupidity and their names stricken from records to postpone NASA's inevitable embarrassment.

Made with 14K White Gold this concept piece uses a Marquee Ruby to represent the big red pimple spot on Jupiter's surface. The red spot is actually a huge storm that has been raging on since the planet's discovery. You could fit two entire Earths in the spot, and it is unknown how far into the planet the storm actually goes.

Three bars are made of White Gold and two bars are made out of Pink Gold to represent the different stripes of Jupiter's image. If you would like a price or have questions about the pendant please contact us.



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