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Art and Gems is a third generation family jewelry business. Art & Gems was founded in 1983 and produces custom jewelry for large corporations. The owner has been in the jewelry business since 1969. We do not believe that geeks should have to settle for jewelery that is painted, plastic, mass produced overseas, or all three. All of our jewelry is made in the USA by hand and has been delivered to the top six of the coolest world continents out of seven (Antarctica being the outsider).

The goal of our design is to connect you and your significant other over the geeky medium that brought you together. What our customers want is to get the ring that best fits their relationship instead of the typical one diamond solitaire ring or anything they can find in the typical jewelry store.

Police Box Ring

“This is the best gift you could give your geeky other half when you pop the big question. How could they not say yes?”
http://technabob.com/ in reference to our Police Box Ring


Since over 25 tons of Earth are displaced to obtain 1 ounce of Gold, all our jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals as our commitment to the Earth. We also ensure that all of our stones are ethically sourced (no “blood diamonds”). As further commitment to the Earth we only use 100% post-consumer recycled paper in our office, 100% recycled cardboard boxes and packing stuffing, and use carbon-neutral shipping for all orders.

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Our Police Box ring was recently featured on When Geeks Wed, CNET, Mail Online, Geekologie, and Geeks are Sexy.