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Solar Eclipse Pendant

Solar Eclipse Pendant

Who is ready for the USA Solar Eclipse? The moon will graciously block out the sun on a hot August Monday this year providing us with momentary shade and a chance for a quick nap. This August 21st, 2017 is the first total Solar Eclipse in the United States since 1979 with the best viewing spot for the longest totality being in our very own home state of Illinois.

To commemorate this rare event we've made this Solar Eclipse Pendant showing the eclipse just before or just after Totality. The pendant is made of sterling silver, measures 2cm in diameter, blackened with black rhodium, with 34 small round cubic zirconia. The center circle represents the shadow side of the moon facing the Earth is made of sterling silver and faceted to mimic a pave set surface of black stones. A halo around the disk represent the corona or atmosphere of the sun with three larger stones in the halo to represent Baily's Beads.

If you're looking to have the pendant for the date of the eclipse, we only have one pendant left! Order by August 13th to have a guaranteed delivery by the Eclipse (USA addresses).

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