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Blue Gates Earrings

Blue Gates Earrings

These earrings give a whole new meaning to the phrase "in one ear and out the other". These concept are made of your choices of 14K White Gold, 10K White Gold or Sterling Silver all with Rose Gold plated chevron prongs locking in a Genuine Blue Topaz. With these earrings you'll be prepared to travel the universe and battle tyrant aliens, "borrow" alien tech, explore new worlds, and collect Oxford English Dictionaries dating back thousands of years. These earrings were designed for those who are a huge fan of space travel but not a big fan of the slow speed of light.

Disclaimer: Claims made about enhanced abilities or experiences as a direct result of wearing these earrings have not been researched or tested.

1 - Pair of Sterling Silver earrings set with Genuine Topaz $265.°°
2 - Pair of 10K White Gold earrings set with Genuine Topaz $410.°°
3 - Pair of 14K White Gold earrings set with Genuine Topaz $435.°°

from $265.00
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