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Police Box Earrings

Police Box Earrings

A whovian wouldn't be caught regenerating without their trusty police box! I've designed these drop earrings to resemble a Police Box. To the untrained eye they appear to be a nice pair of earrings, but to those the know they will wow fellow whovians.

Drop Earring pair set with created sapphires and cubic zirconia. The ring is available in sterling silver, 10K white gold and 14K white gold. For genuine stones, please contact us! Each half of the police box is about 1.5cm long and about 3mm wide. The earring with the "Pull to Open" CZ is intended to be worn on the wearer's right ear.

1 - Sterling Silver set with Created Stones
2 - 10K White Gold set with Created Stones
3 - 14K White Gold set with Created Stones

We will ship your package via USPS. You will receive a fully insured box with a tracking number for both domestic AND international packages, with carbon neutral shipping. The package is inconspicuous. For domestic packages it is a brown 6x6x4 box with the return address in my personal name (and not the business). There is no indication on the outside of the package of what is inside. Shipping is free within the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska. International shipping is extra.

Greener Choice
For our commitment to the Earth not only have we chosen it as our permanent residence but we also use recycled materials wherever possible. We started with our metal; all of our jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals. We also use 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper for internal documents and shipping slip, printed using exclusively solar power. The rings are shipped carbon neutral in a recycled cardboard box.

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