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Binary Pendant

Binary Pendant

01000010 01001100 01000101 01000101 01010000 00100000 01000010 01001100 01001111 01010010 01010000!
That's robot speak for "Robots think and speak in binary."

Each of the letters on your screen (even the ones you're reading now) are represented by 8 bits of either ones or zeros. By symbolizing the (0) zeros with black CZs and the (1) ones with white CZs we've made a binary necklace for those special cyborgs in our lives! Each necklace includes enough ones and zeros to amount to a single capital letter. We included a grid of what each letter would look like in binary in the product images. Perfect necklace for those people who know we lied about the binary to english translation above.

8 Gemstone Bar of Black and White cubic zirconia in a matching pattern to corresponding binary. For example the letter "A" has a binary of "01000001" so the corresponding "A" pendant would be a bar of 8 stones of black, white, black, black, black, black, black, and then white CZ. The bar hangs vertically and is to read from top to bottom off an included sterling silver chain. The pendant is about 3.5cm long and about 4.5mm wide. The stones are about 3mm in diameter.

We have a binary pendant for each 26 letters of the alphabet. We offer customization for accented letters, symbols, and numbers. Contact us if you would like a custom Binary Pendant! Any letter pendant is $65.00

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