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DNA Pendant with Birthstones

DNA Pendant with Birthstones

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DNA makes us who we are, we share 99.9% of our DNA with any other human. DNA has a twisted ladder structure to it and a single strand can reach between the Earth and the Moon and back more times than is necessary, but not enough times to make a stable space ladder. Every living creature has DNA from birds to fish to you.

This DNA Pendant is set with two 1 point Diamonds and the created gem birthstone of your choosing. If you'd like to buy the genuine stone send us a message via our contact widget.

1 - January Created Garnet in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
2 - February Created Amethyst in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
3 - March Created Aquamarine in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
4 - April Created Diamond in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
5 - May Created Emerald in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
6 - June Created Alexandrite in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
7 - July Created Ruby in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
8 - August Created Peridot in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
9 - September Created Sapphire in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
10 - October Created Tourmaline in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
11 - November Created Yellow Topaz in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰
12 - December Created Blue Zircon in 10K White Gold $399.⁰⁰ $279.³⁰


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