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Saturn Pendant

Saturn Pendant

We liked it and put a (jump)ring on it.
Saturn is immediately identifiable for it's beloved rings. Our sixth planet is probably the most striking view to see in a telescope and inspired this Pearl Pendant with spinning rings on a Z axis. The Pearl cap is in a hexagon shape similar to the shape of the north pole of Saturn itself (google "Saturn Hexagon") is the only known storm with corners.

Get yourself Pearls with Culture
We offer two variations of cultured pearls. Akoya Cultured Pearls set the standard of what people think of when they think "Pearl" (Or second thing if you watch Cartoon Network). Most Akoya producing mollusks are found along the coast of Japan. Completely natural pearls, which we do not offer, are "new car" expensive and very rare. The vast majority of Pearls are cultured which are made by placing a seed into a mollusk and coating the object with a layer of natural pearl. 99.9% of pearls are cultured and the exterior is made of exactly the same material as classic pearls.

Product Description
14K Yellow Gold pendant modeled after Saturn with a 7mm round cultured Pearl. We offer either "AA" White Akoya Cultured Pearls or White Freshwater Cultured Pearls. The chain offered is a 16" 2mm 14K Solid Yellow Gold necklace. The inner ring spins and the famous hexagon pole of Saturn can be seen on the cap.


  • 1 - 14K Yellow Gold Pendant with 14KY Gold 16 inch Chain and Akoya Cultured Pearl: $595
  • 2 - 14K Yellow Gold Pendant without chain and Akoya Cultured Pearl: $375
  • 3 - 14K Yellow Gold Pendant with 14KY Gold 16 inch Chain and Freshwater Cultured Pearl: $495
  • 4 - 14K Yellow Gold Pendant without chain and Freshwater Cultured Pearl: $295
from $295.00
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