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Trainer’s Pendant

Trainer’s Pendant

Somewhere in our bedrooms was a small pile of dead AA batteries from the sleepless nights with our faces glowing in the screen of capturing all of the existing 150 little evolving creatures we pit in a fight to the faint. Nowadays the batteries are built into all electronic devices and the 150 has been upped to a zillion billion. Say "I Choose You" with our Trainer's Pendant. 

  1. Sterling Silver without Chain $139.⁰⁰
  2. Sterling Silver with Chain $139.⁰⁰
  3. 10K White Gold - Pendant Only $229.⁰⁰ 
  4. 10K White Gold - With 18" Chain $329.⁰⁰ 
  5. 14K White Gold - Pendant only $249.⁰⁰
  6. 14K White Gold - With 18" Chain $369.⁰⁰  

from $139.00
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