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Fleur De Lis 5 Stone Ring

Fleur De Lis 5 Stone Ring

A fleur de lis with two branches with leaves in a criss cross formation

Inspired by the beauty of the Fleur de Lis we've created this collection of rings.

The Fleur de Lis 5 Stone Ring is offered in 14K White Gold. It has four smaller side stones and the ring can hold any of our Diamonds. It features two Fleur de Lis, one on each side, and has a millgrain bridge underneath the center Diamond. Images show 1.00ct Diamond Center set into the ring.

Price does not include the center Diamond, but one can be added separately. We offer different sized side stones.

  1. 14K White Gold set with matching 0.30tdw Diamonds: $1,395.°°
  2. 14K White Gold set with matching 0.50tdw Diamonds: $2,379.°°
  3. 14K White Gold set with matching 0.75tdw Diamonds: $3,749.°°

"tdw" stands for Total Diamond Weight.

from $1,395.00
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