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Great Trainer’s Ring

Great Trainer’s Ring

Sometimes the standard trainer's ring just doesn't cut it. It's time to up the ante, so we've created this Great Trainer's Ring designed to be slightly better at catching that special someone. Turn your hat 180 degrees and lets start doing great things!

The Trainer's ring has a twisted shank with a row of created green gems showing our good health at the beginning of a battle, the other row of created topaz stones shows our experience. All variations of this ring has a Created Aquamarine and Cubic Zirconium cut in half to create the symmetrical design in the center. The two Half Moon stones are set with one prong and pushed against a center all creating a border between the red and white stone. On the border is a small bezel holding a small stone. The twisted shank has two rows of colored stones. The green row represents health and longevity while the blue represents life experiences.

1 - Sterling Silver set with Created Stones
2 - Sterling Silver set with CZs on the shank
3 - Green/Blue Created Stones set in 10K White Gold
4 - Peridot & Aquamarine Stones set in 10K White Gold
5 - Green/Blue Created Stones set in 14K White Gold
6 - Peridot & Aquamarine Stones set in 14K White Gold

First the important thing: Free! Next, you will receive a fully insured box with a tracking number for both domestic and international packages. The package is inconspicuous. There is no indication on the outside of the package of what is inside. Not to mention that your package will be carbon neutral (a feature we've offered before Etsy implemented it store-wide).

Greener Choice
For our commitment to the Earth not only have we chosen it as our permanent residence but we also use recycled materials wherever possible. We started with our metal; all of our jewelry is made from 100% recycled metals. We also use 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper for internal documents and shipping slip, printed using exclusively solar power. We even use Grown Diamonds, which have a significantly lowered impact on the Earth.

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