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Police Box Ring – Sapphire

Police Box Ring – Sapphire

"It's 'Doctor', not 'Dr.'"
Inspired by the iconic British blue Police Box, it’s the famous Police Box Ring. The band is made of tarnish resistant Sterling Silver set with 3 Cubic Zirconium or diamond* stones to represent the Police Public Call Box sign at the top, two baguettes to represent the windows, and a Princess Cut stone to symbolize the optional instructions to pull to open. Perfect for the geek companion in your life, the Police Box Ring symbolizes the love that will last beyond the end of the universe and well into the second Big Bang.

The designer of the ring goes beyond the pop culture reference to create an elegant and beautiful engagement ring that can be accepted as fine jewelry while showing your geek pride. Each ring is hand made with talented expertise. We are willing to customize the ring to your taste, contact us and let us know what you would like.

Put on a scarf, leave your fez at home, get down on one knee, present this ring, and ask the question: Will you be my companion?

Here's a list of the variations we offer!

  1. Created Sapphire center with created side stones in Sterling Silver: $449.⁰⁰
  2. CZ center with created side stones in Sterling Silver: $449.⁰⁰ (not pictured)
  3. Created Sapphire Center with created side stones in 14K White Gold $1,779.⁰⁰
  4. Lab Grown Sapphires and Lab Grown Diamonds in 14K White Gold $2,249.⁰⁰

from $449.00
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