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Black TIE Diamond Ring

Black TIE Diamond Ring

"I can fly anything!" *kerKLUNK*
A concept piece with our TIE Bezel holding a 1ct Round Black Diamond and smaller one point Black Diamond in the center bezel. The shank also has a groove with antiquing which is inspired by certain stars of death. The Dark Side of the universe has all the cool stuff. Even NASA is working on an Ion Engine, allowing travel through the emptiness of space by propelling ions and letting Sir Issac Newton handle the rest.

The Black TIE Diamond Ring has a custom bezel and top to a complete round 1.00ct Black Diamond or Onyx faceted stone. The shank has an inlay of black antiquing leaving a quarter of the ring at the bottom for easy sizing. We offer this ring in three metals: 14K White Gold, 10K White Gold, and double tarnish resistant plated Sterling Silver. The design is also perfect for white Diamonds with visible inclusions, please contact us for center white Diamonds with inclusions.

Black Diamonds
Color Enhanced Black Diamonds are opaque and are not see-through unlike the more classic White Diamonds.

Black Onyx
Black Onyx stones are also available as a lower cost alternative to black diamond. The gemstone is faceted like a Diamond.


  1. One Carat Black Diamond set in 14K White Gold: $1,095.°°
  2. Black Onyx set in 14K White Gold: $695.°°
  3. One Carat Black Diamond set in 10K White Gold: $1,045.°°
  4. Black Onyx set in 14K White Gold: $625.°°
  5. Black Onyx set in Sterling Silver: $197.°°
from $197.00
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