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Trainer’s band

Trainer’s band

Lure, Egg, Berry, Ball, Berry, Ball, Catch, Buddy, Engagement!
We would all stare at that 7 pixel tall shrub thinking "I could climb that if this game was real!". Then they made it real and when I see shrubs in my way I think "bugs" and turn around. Never before has catching dozens of the same 3 Pokemon so fun and addicting.

The engagement ring has a twisted shank with a row of created green gems showing our good health at the beginning of a battle, the other row of created topaz stones shows our experience. All variations of this ring has a Created Ruby and Cubic Zirconium cut in half to create the symmetrical design in the center. Our Genuine Gems options have Authentic Peridot and Authentic Aquamarine "AA" quality.

  1. Original Trainers Band set with Created Stones in Sterling Silver: $229.⁰⁰
  2. Cubic Zirconia in Sterling Silver: $229.⁰⁰
  3. Cubic Zirconia in 10K White Gold: $559.⁰⁰
  4. Genuine Peridots & Aquamarine in 10K White Gold: $899.⁰⁰
  5. Created Stones in 10K White Gold: $599.⁰⁰
  6. Genuine Peridots & Aquamarine in 14K White Gold: $975.⁰⁰
  7. Cubic Zirconia in 14K White Gold: $599.⁰⁰
  8. Cubic Zirconia & Aquamarine in 10K White Gold: $559.⁰⁰

You may also be interested in the plain shank version of this ring.

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